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Bringing all people together around food.

At Nine Times Bakery, we believe sweets are meant to be shared no matter what the dietary restriction. We create the best tasting gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods using simple, high-quality ingredients so that everyone can indulge together.

What's (Not) Inside

No Gluten.

Cookies that don’t turn to dust in your mouth? Bars that don’t look like a pile of wet, dense, mush? Check and check! We use nine different flours to make sure each product has the right structure, chewiness, and tenderness.

No Dairy.

We use plant-based fats derived from avocado and coconut across our different products to ensure each cookie, bar, and cake ball has the right richness, moisture, and depth of flavor.

No Compromise.

When we want chocolate chip cookies, it’s about more than chocolate, sugar, butter and flour. It’s the gratification of indulgence, the treat you’re giving to yourself and sharing with others. So no, this is not about being healthy, it’s about truly satisfying your sweet tooth.


Hear it straight from our happy customers!

Elizabeth D.

Celiac Disease

"I didn't think I'd be able to eat a cookie ever again. These are amazing!"

Cailun G.

No dietary restrictions

"Woke up thinking about these peanut butter and jelly bars!!"

Molly D.

Nut allergy

"These are literally some of the best cookies I've ever eaten."

John P.

No dietary restrictions

"I have eaten more Nine Times treats in the last two months than I have eaten sweets in the last five years."

Andy M.

Daughter has dairy allergy

"My family can finally enjoy dessert together again!"

Kate R.

No dietary restrictions

"Run, do not walk, to your computer to order everything Nine Times."

Kevin B.

No dietary restrictions

"The cake balls are my new guilty pleasure that I don't have to feel guilty about!"

Ally B.

No dietary restrictions

"I can't stop eating the Oatmeal Scotchies! My new favorite cookies hands down."

Delicious gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods.

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