Our Process

At Nine Times, safety is the most important part of our operations to ensure you can enjoy your treats without worry. Here is a detailed overview of our facility, process, and sourcing to ensure our products are free from gluten, dairy, and other products avoid cross contact.

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is dedicated gluten-free and dairy-free, and it is registered with the Gluten-free Company. That means there are no gluten or dairy products that come into the kitchen, and all of our tools, equipment, and storage facilities are free from gluten and dairy as well. No gluten, no dairy, no worries!

Our Production Process

At Nine Times, we take all allergies and intolerances very seriously, not just gluten and dairy. Our products are made in a facility that contains eggs, soy, peanuts, and tree-nuts (coconut). We set-up our production process to avoid cross-contact between those allergens. Here are the steps we take:

  • Color coding: we color code our tools to avoid cross contact between allergens. That means Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars only ever touch the orange. baking mat, the orange pan, and the orange spatula.
  • Order of Operations: We follow good manufacturing processes and organize our production days to go from the least amount of allergens to most, and always wash, rinse, and sanitize major equipment between each product.
  • Washing and Sanitizing: From mixing to packaging, we wash and sanitize all surfaces and change gloves between products to ensure that there is no cross-contact.