Our Story

Indulge again.

Nine Times is a gluten free, dairy free bakery inspired by the joy and comfort of the best treats from your childhood. Those times when you were nine years old baking boxed brownies with your siblings. The best part? Our products actually taste like the ooey, gooey, chewy treats that we grew up with. Our Founder, Emily (pictured to the right in all her 3-year-old finger licking bliss), spent enough years licking the bowl and sneaking cookies to commit that to memory when she developed gluten and lactose intolerance in adulthood.

Over the course of five years, Nine Times has developed signature recipes from nine different gluten free flours and dairy free fats to deliver that perfect, simultaneous crisp and melt of a cookie, and melt-in-your-mouth goodness of bars and cake balls. So good in fact, that you’ll want to share them with everyone! We strive to help each of our community members feel proud of the desserts they share, so we can indulge together.