How to Host a Summer BBQ Everyone Will Love!

How to Host a Summer BBQ Everyone Will Love!

We're coming to the end of summer and that means end of summer BBQs and college going away parties! We know a thing or two about celebrating in inclusive style, and we have some tips and tricks to help you throw a summer soiree that all your guests will enjoy.


  • Stay organized with your setup.
  •   Having designated areas for drinks, food and games will allow for everything to run smoothly.

  • Offer sunscreen and bug spray!
  • These are an absolute must. No one wants to leave with a burn or bug bites especially when the effect of either will last a few days. Having the option of extra protection ensures all your guests will feel comfortable and well taken care of and also happy that you thought of them.


  • Have activities for kids!
  • Just by having games such as Bags, giant jenga or connect 4 and a frisbee allow guests of all ages to be occupied and have something fun to do. These are our favorite games:

  • Signature cocktails!
  • Having a signature drink (alcoholic or not) is a way to make your BBQ  memorable. A Signature drink does not have to be over the top, a simple drink will be just as delicious. Allow guests to choose if they would like their drink to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic by offering either 2 different pitchers or by having the mixture available and allowing guests to add alcohol themselves. 


  • Recycle!
  •  Having a group of people over can easily accumulate a big amount of waste. Make sure that there is a recycling bin and that people are aware that it is there. Bonus points if you use eco- friendly party supplies. We found some here!

  • Have Food everyone can eat!
  • This is by far the most important tip of them all. You want your guests to feel comfortable and to feel taken care of. Many people have dietary restrictions and preferences, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from coming together and having a good time. By offering gluten free buns for hot dogs and hamburgers, beyond burgers for those who are vegan or vegetarian, and by offering a salad station where people have the option to customize what they want, you'll ensure all guests are well fed and feel included!

    And did you think we could forget the dessert? In our opinion that's the best part of any meal. But seriously, with our gluten and dairy free desserts guests will be so grateful and happy you thought about them. 

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