Transition into a Gluten Free Diet with Family

   When I was in grade school my sister became gluten intolerant. To help her with the transition of switching diets my family decided to change our diets to gluten free too. It was hard at first because there was a lot of stuff I didn’t like. Gluten free bread was always crummy and gluten free pasta tasted too grainy. I knew my sister had a harder time adapting, but my family switching helped make the transition easier because she wasn’t the one eating something different from us. It helped to unite us in a way because we were all doing something new together and the process of trying to discover what we did and didn’t like. When I brought home treats from Nine Times Bakery, my whole family loved them. After they tried them I then told them they were both gluten and dairy free. Everything was gone in about an hour and at dinner my parents were asking if I had any more. One thing my family liked was that the products were consistent compared to other gluten free desserts we’ve had in the past. I think another reason my family liked them is because there were a bunch of options so we could choose what we liked the most or what we were in the mood for.  My favorites are the double chocolate sea salt cookie and then cookies and cream cake balls because of the delicious flavors in each bite! Overall, the transition into a gluten free diet can be hard but over time you will find products that you like. The most important thing is to try everything!! That way you will find what brands you like and what you like from each.